14th Apr 2011, 22:56

My 540I has 176,000 miles and I just had to do its first major repair... If anyone if offloading one for $2000, please let me know!!!

29th Mar 2013, 11:25

Bought a used Toyota Camry 2005. Put on 230000 km with nothing more than oil and tire changes.

15th Nov 2016, 22:03

I'm with the OP; that low mileage shouldn't require so many repairs and repeated wear and tear.

I can name many cars with far greater mileage and less repairs.

For ease though, I shall only name one: '94 Mercedes Benz W124 E250.

365k, maintenance/servicing and minor repairs only.

BMW just isn't "German Quality" anymore... well, few german cars are at the moment, but they're slowly getting back on their feet.