17th Jun 2014, 12:41

Vette buyers today can match or exceed Viper pricing. Depends on how you order them.

18th Jun 2014, 01:18

I know guys with Corvettes and Vipers in the same garage. So that comment is pretty irreverent. Meaning anyone can make a car payment, and others buy cars and have cash. Maybe 1991 comments are relevant for 1991. Anyone buying a new Corvette or late model Viper typically has high discretionary income. Many with these cars I know drive them sparingly to start with. There's usually a nice SUV, or a sedan or 2 for weekday running around. I strongly suspect few daily drove a new 91 NSX solo as well. I knew an owner that also drive a new Jeep Cherokee Limited; kind of an in car to own back then. If you own a new C7, believe me you don't own just one vehicle. You can't judge what people own. The guy driving a little beater may be able to buy any of these cars. But won't buy the thought of driving a huge pot of change and expose it on the roadways. Others see the reward as greater than the risk!