8th Feb 2016, 20:31

A friend's Dad had one when I was a kid. Funny pale blue French thing we all thought, but he adored it. Rust killed it sadly - the rear end suspension mounts just dissolved - there was nothing to weld to!!

Kind of par for the course for all cars of that era, but set the tone in working class England to be suspicious of European cars (don't know why, Vauxhalls and Fords of that time were no better), whereas now when it's too late, I appreciate the engineering and what cars like this represent.

16th Sep 2017, 19:27

I moved from the Renault 4 to the 6 in 1969, so was used to the gear change; brilliant for maneuvering when parking. The only problem I had was a faulty petrol pump while I owned it.

It's the one car I missed when I traded it in.