29th Feb 2012, 19:55

Look... You guys may or may not believe what I'm about to say. But, I am the owner of a Bentley Arnage 2008, and decided to buy this 1988 Crown Vic station wagon. Now, I don't really know how many of you ever rode or driven a Bentley. But a Bentley is a marque, that when you get to your destination, you have "arrived" But this, 1988 Ford station wagon to me is the cat's meow. In my leaner years I always had Ford wagons, so I decided this was a thing on my "Bucket List" to get another wagon and drive it like I did in the early years. Well, I can tell you, I thoroughly enjoy driving my "woody". Love the ride, the handling, and the performance. What else can be said, except it doesn't cost me 350.00 bucks for an oil change.

1st Mar 2012, 22:31

Really. The 5.0 HO motor in a Crown Victoria?

Well, sure, if you think that plaque on the engine that says "5.0 EFI HO" actually means anything, go right ahead. The 5.0 in your granny's Grand Marquis had the same plaque, though.

And the police cars usually had the 351 V8, not the 5.0.