14th Apr 2015, 23:54

Typically the dash is the culprit. It needs to be pulled and have the back re-soldered. Slap the dash and it should run.

31st Oct 2015, 15:57

I know this is an old post, however this is a fairly common problem and others may benefit from this answer. The problem described is certainly a faulty cluster board. The board will need replacing or re-soldering. Essentially you aren't getting power to the fuel pump, so the car will start but quickly die. And the gauges won't respond, which is a giveaway that the cluster board is faulty. Also, if you turn the ignition on, you should hear the quiet rumble of the fuel pump initiating. If you hear the rumble, the fuel pump is okay. Cluster repairs can be had for about $100... or if you're handy, resolder the thing yourself.