10th Jun 2011, 18:03

Would like to know if there is any other way.. besides going to Holden.. to have the ECU replaced?

29th Jun 2012, 22:33

Me again, as I haven't been able to sell the Combo - because it keeps me too poor to save for an upgrade. :(

Overheated due to a stuck thermostat - OK, get it replaced, but it's in behind the pump. Who would design such a thing? So not long after, the pump goes as well, and so should replace the timing belt while dismantled. I have kept the plastic gear linkages, together with some cable ties and material tape; probably the best engineered thing on it now.

Besides keeping me broke, the worst part is driving it for work every day; it's a very hard car to drive. You have to be in continuous concentration to take off smoothly with the aberrant inconsistent power curve. It rocks sharply side to side on even a seemingly smooth road, and the back end shudders violently when braking over any dips or bumps, and round corners. This will cause the rear to skip out a bit.

Odometer light keeps blowing - fun times replacing it.

Front end rattles over bumps when not accelerating - nothing worn, just the poor design. Chews through tyres due to the top heavy body on a thin track - even the rear tyres are feathered quickly.