2nd Jun 2011, 09:44

I have had a few big cars in my time and just wanted a small car and as the price is low I could buy brand new... Also think the Spark is better looking the i10. I actually looked into i10s but couldn't see myself driving one of those... I had really bad luck with cars and in the past had many engine faults and electric problems, so a brand new car option looked very attractive.

Apart from the little problems which will be resolved, I love the car. I think it's comfortable and fun to drive. I really enjoy driving it around town, you can really throw it into the corners. It's not that fast, but nippy enough to make the daily commute to work fun.

20th Oct 2013, 08:22

The issue with an i10 against a Spark is I suggest down to age. In the UK the Sparks I see have stripes on them and funky colours, and definitely appeal to younger buyers. Too many i10s I see are in boring silver, and are driven by dare I say it more mature motorists. A lot of the comments here seem to be from or about the more younger end of the market. Horses for courses?