10th Jan 2012, 20:01

Although this seems to be a love / hate relationship, I agree that this is the first and best sport sedan made. My story with a series 3 started 9 years ago. Bought an 85 black and tan with 27,000 miles. The funny part of this story is that everything that has failed to date, have been factory original GM products.. Yes, the AC, power steering, alternator, steering rack, come from the USA...

Fast forward to today, I drive this car daily, with smile on my face every time I drive the car. Yes things break, the trick is planning for "predictable failures". Join a local JAG club, and they can provide the predictability.

3rd Sep 2012, 20:26

Hi, gee you have had a lot of bad luck with your Jaguar.

We bought a 1985 Jaguar XJ6 Series 3 Sovereign 7 years ago for our wedding car. She was 21 years old, we bought her privately for $10,500, we are the third owners, and she has never broken down whilst on the road!

When we bought "Bessie", she had done 160,000 km on the clock. She has now 230,000km, and since purchase she has had a new coil, at 23 years, a new thermo fan at 24 years, a new starter motor at 25 years, and a new A/C compressor at 26 years, and a few hoses.

I drove Bessie on the hottest day ever recorded in Victoria Australia (45.7 degrees C), and she didn't overheat. Her body is not perfect as she has rust around bottom of windscreen, which I want to have repaired when I get a new windscreen.

You are right about the electrics, I believe it's their weakest point as Bessie's high beam, radio and cruise control don't work at present, but I will have them sorted.

But I have to say I have owned a number of makes of cars, and Bessie over the 7 years has been the most reliable car I have owned, which is impressive given she was 21 when we bought her!

As I make this comment, she is having a new water pump installed. Again, can't complain; she got 27 years from the original one!

Bessie is BRG with light mushroom interior, you can see her on YouTube; just type in "Jaguar XJ6 Sovereign wedding car" or go to "save colac library" on YouTube and you will see she still looks good for her age. I use Tech wax often as she really could do with a repaint, but I don't want to do that for two reasons, one - no money, and two, I'm sentimental as she was our wedding car, and I try to keep her looking as she did on our wedding day!

Good luck with your Jaguar, and find a good mechanic; ours does a service on Bessie for $400,00 once a year. The right mechanic makes a big difference with these cars for sure.

Cheers, Paul.