24th Feb 2012, 09:24

I have done long distance driving, and you could bump up to 65 MPH or so, and still the base Vettes are barely idling.

My son drove his Viper RT/10 from Atlantic City to Jax Florida, and was in the 20s as well. That's pretty incredible with 10 cylinders.

I rented a new Crown Vic in Florida a while back, drove from Jax Florida to Orlando at 70 mph (speed limit in Fla), and my digital read was over 30 MPG in overdrive. So if you do drive a lot interstates, the new cars are pretty incredible on fuel.

If it's a local show or a cruise night, who cares about fuel, as you may use 1/2 tank a month.

The new crossovers are pretty nice, and I don't miss my older ones.

24th Feb 2012, 13:00

There is no comparison between a RAV-4 and a Vette.