22nd Aug 2012, 12:45

I bought a Vette over the window issue in the Camaro. I had a 69 SS for 10 years and was interested. Also it's all or nothing with the throttle response. Hate to say it, but the Challenger also seems more faithful to the past ones than the Camaro. Wish I could have styled it, as I have some great ideas.

16th Oct 2014, 15:48

I have to agree with the OP. I rented a 1LT while out of town for a week, and I just couldn't get past the poor sight lines. The mirrors look great, but only show a very narrow field of vision. I am 6'1", so even with the seat down, I am stuck with seeing more of the windshield header, which means something as basic as seeing the overhead traffic lights is an inconvenience. And the c-pillar blocks everything...

Having said that, my dream package for the Camaro would be a 6spd SS with the 1LE handling package.