25th Sep 2012, 20:17

The Monte Carlo is also a great car, and you're right about the 305. Mine ran for years with incredibly low oil pressure. Have fun with the old girl!

To clear some things up though.

The rust issues were not seriously threatening to the structural integrity of the car, and most of the ones my car had are typical of 30+ year old second gen F-bodies. My review was supposed to be a little tongue in cheek, because however much I love the car, it did have issues that needed addressing. Currently the car is retired in my garage, and won't leave until it is solid and roadworthy.

16th Nov 2012, 13:17

I have been to the UK, and that's not totally true. Most cars over there that I saw were not worth the time to fix, let alone be on the road. The cars were either 4 bangers or taxi looking cars, rusted to the hilt.