9th Oct 2013, 10:23

More durability, safety, and comfort, obviously. And the 8-tracks and old style stereos worked just fine. Technological improvements are really only very marginal since those days - they're marketed and propagandized as somehow making huge improvements in people's lives, but in fact the lifestyle and the material standard of living was far superior in the 1970s for 99% of the people.

9th Oct 2013, 16:01

Yes, that's exactly what you got! Who in their right mind would want to pay the same amount for a Toyota Camry as they could for a large full-size car like a luxurious Buick Electra (considering you could still buy cars like that now)? In 1976 a Buick Electra cost around $8-9K; in today's money that would be about $30,000. I know I would much rather have the comfortable, luxurious, 6 passenger car with a trunk nearly twice as large as a Camry and a big V8! A no brainer in my opinion.