18th Jun 2014, 14:18

Look forward to reading your Galaxie review on here. I like the big block models, and saw quite a few at a local all Ford only show held at Sheehy Ford every year. Great special interest cars. Good luck with your purchase!

23rd Jun 2014, 12:45

Talk about obscure. It must be an extreme rarity to research a 1959 Chevrolet, and research further into a 1962 Galaxie for an actual purchase. The 58 Chevrolet was overlooked for a very long time, but gained some popularity as a one year design. But a 59 Chevrolet to a 62 Galaxie stretches the imagination.

I loved the 62 Chevrolet Impala; beautiful body, searched heavily for a SS and ended up buying a 63 coupe and 64 SS (boxy), but a power top convertible 4 speed.

3rd Jul 2014, 11:38

The Biscayne had appeal as a lighter weight, full size GM for basic transportation in the day. Since it was lighter than the Impala, it could be ordered with 409 or larger displacement engines for speed. The ones from the 60s pop up more often, and they are very cool equipped as such.

I have a friend that bought another plain Jane model; a Chevelle 300 2 door. Originally a 6 cylinder. Now with a 427 4 speed residing under the hood. A pure 1/4 mile car that is still street legal. No power options, no heater, radio delete, but all that power in a reduced weight car.

I have owned early 60s Impala SS models, with one being a convertible. Heavy full size cars, and more of a fast cruiser.

The Biscayne with no power steering would be some effort to drive. But being lighter with a big motor and 4 speed, it would be a formidable foe on the strip in its class with the 409 transplant.

I would still opt for an Impala for comfort driving. A great car with passengers. I saw a wagon with an LS engine transplant recently. Cool with the rear facing fold up bench 3rd road seating If you can find an older model with air and 2 door, they all make great cars to own.