23rd Mar 2015, 22:35

Remind me to never purchase a used car from you.

24th Mar 2015, 23:58

Just check the Million Mile Club, there is more than 1 American model with more than 1 million miles on them. You obviously like Hondas and probably have little experience with recent American models. I have always driven GM (mostly Buick) and had good luck with them; admittedly few have had high miles before I traded them. Drive what you like, but why knock what others drive. We all make our own choices, and most cars are pretty equal today. IMO Honda is not very desirable, and you probably feel the same about Buick, but I could care less.

15th Aug 2022, 05:35

These Hondas do have two very big problems. The first is rust which seems to enjoy eating these vehicles. The other one is the automatic transmission which is one of the worst, non-CVT units in the marketplace.