10th May 2016, 10:47

This sounds like the absolute perfect car to own if you work in a refinery, steel mill, inner city lot, etc where you worry about owning a new car. Having parking dings or paint issues and loss from a heavy industry factory parking lot. I have seen cars in these places with pitted windshields and bad paint loss. Why people drive new expensive models to me doesn't make sense in those specific cases.

12th May 2016, 03:51

Nothing could be further from the truth!

To spend as little money as possible on something that doesn't matter all that much is the smarter way to go.

You don't care about cars? This is the perfect car. Go learn French, or botany, or go skinny dipping in a lake with an attractive member of the sex that appeals to you.

Going from boring point A to boring point B doesn't require a divestment. This guy is doing it right.