12th Jun 2016, 16:57


Yeah I was wondering about this - although it had several past MOTs and service history & such like, but does not mean impossible. I know clocking is endemic in the motor trade, but 20 years of buying cars said the mileage was genuine to engine condition... but hey, I might be going senile. However it seems the 1.8 Duratecs are known to smoke a lot, and does seem to be oil control rings as the most common fault.

8th Jul 2017, 07:53

Yeah this is the most likely. However I have significant experience of buying and selling cars, and the mileage and all the documentation looked 'right'. But you never know - if it was a rep car, in the first 3 years could have clocked up big mileage, then clocked before the first MoT. However compression on all cylinders was very good.