17th Jun 2016, 10:50

Love that last comment. Here's my take on collector cars. You need regular insurance if you drive everyday. You worry about leaving them at shopping centers and crowded lots. If you plan on having beers at a tavern, plan on being highly visible driving late. They are easy to steal and have valuable parts on them. You wonder if they will start, especially at night. The old ones still using manual and drum brakes can be a bear to drive. And harder to see with the old beams. With all that in mind, I only own 3 old ones in mint condition! They are on collector insurance and see weekends only.

19th Jun 2016, 21:18

I don't use any of my classics as daily drivers, but I do drive them around 5k miles/year. I plan on holding onto this Desoto for a while, so will certainly report back after 5k miles or so...