12th Dec 2016, 22:22

There are a lot of baby boomers and certainly their parents before them that grew up with America's true sports car. Keeps you off the couch.

13th Dec 2016, 11:53

A lot of physicians buy this car as well. Typically well aware of proper health, exercise and nutrition. There are benefits with putting the top down in the convertible or by removing the roof panel. Sun exposure improves bone health. It is a well known fact that vitamin D stimulates the absorption of bone-strengthening calcium and phosphorus in the body. However, emerging research also indicates there is a direct correlation between bone density and vitamin D3. Actual driving benefits include an increase of the heart rate. Better focus and concentration. Increased eye hand coordination. Stretching entry and exiting. Better sense of well being and accomplishment. Typically new owners have either an increase of education or successful businesses. Better nutrition and medical care as a result in most cases. The sophisticated complex dash arrays increase brain activity levels. To name a few health benefits. Then intermediately following comes the driving experience. This C6 is truly worth owning at least once in your lifetime. And a C7 even more so. You cannot take your money with you. The government does a better job of taking it for you. Have fun while you can. Stay well!