16th Jan 2017, 18:16

I actually directly said that that personally on a couple of earlier reviews. And now it's being mimicked and not by myself. What point, other than being facetious, I have no idea. Maybe a few others have also picked this up. The bulletproof and the doctor visit comments lately are now not at all from me.

As far as my Vette, it is only one of 4 other types of late model cars and trucks I currently own. Not my only car or rodeo. I like them all in all for different reasons. The commenter now seems to like it more than I do! Good luck and enjoy what you own. We are all different. The cross reviews on a car completely out of its realm are sharing the same agreement. Be aware comments can come out of nowhere and actually be not from true owners. Even car shows. You never know with blind faith commenters. Good luck. Have fun.

17th Jan 2017, 04:27

I've never mentioned the Corvette here before.

But I think it's an apt comparison, as both it and the SSR are rear-wheel drive, V8-powered, hobby cars from Chevrolet. They cost about the same new, and sell for about the same money now on the used market.

I can think of a whole host of entirely different cars I would prefer than either of these two, for the money. But the Vette first came to mind in this instance, as it would have been sitting in the same showroom as the SSR, back in '03.