23rd Jan 2017, 10:11

What is defined impractical? There are many high priced new import and domestic vehicles on this forum. Many 50k and up, not being at all unusual today. People could all drive nothing but bare bones stripper, low end new vehicles, and still get from point A to point B. There are very high end crossovers and SUVs. There is even a Lamborghini crossover in the works. Why buy vehicles like a completely decked out small Jeep soft top in areas that they are not needed. Why buy more cars in a household than people that can even drive them? The answer is people have for many decades had a passion for automobiles. There are many other 2 seaters out there, both import and domestic. I work with a person that drives a BMW roadster daily. Works fine as it's the only driver. They could drive a plain new Civic or Corolla instead. Even the vehicle on this review could be defined as impractical. How they use the bed in it (if at all) isn't for me. But I didn't choose or buy one. I will still read reviews and maybe I could see the merit and buy someday. Even as a toy. Drive this one day and others the next. The easiest justification is to pay off your home quickly. Or make more. Then whatever cars you buy are not a concern. I do not have car payments. If you do everything in life completely practical, you can miss out on the joys in life. Many don't agree with you as these brand new sport and luxury vehicles obviously would not be made or sold without actual buyers. We have some amazing new high end car dealerships in our city. Many new or having extensive remodels. There has to be new buyers present to enable this.

23rd Jan 2017, 14:48

Another Corvette commenter. Base price 2017 $55,450! Other than the new Mustang, it's fantastic value. Go the import route for anything equivalent and it's easily double that amount. Or more.