1st Nov 2017, 01:42

Sure, change the oil and filter every thousand miles. Weekly White Glove service and detail. Drive it 30 mph. Use in only a moderate climate on flat terrain. It’s totally possible.

1st Nov 2017, 09:52

I am sorry, it's me who said about a 60K miles car can't have been flawless. Why I'm comenting now, it's because of the above comment: "someone said a new car can't drive for 60K miles without any major problems". Well this comment is a problem for me. Why? Because I didn't say these words "major problems". The original owner review says: "he's done 60K miles with just a small spring (or something like that) issue". He didn't say he had "no major problems", he actually said he had "not a single problem", not even a simple one like a cracking trim or an electrical issue. I think the problem on this site is people here don't make a distinction: some people only talk about a problem (at the Faults section in the review) if their car had the engine or transmission repaired. Or I believe the site actually wants to know about any repairs the car had, not just transmission/engine issues. This is why there are so many people coming on this site and say: I put 100000 miles on my Chevrolet Cobalt and never had a single issue with it. It's time for the site to update the "Faults" section and rename it to the "Repairs" section.