16th Nov 2017, 15:36

The disc brake equipped rear axle on the Versailles was very popular as a Mustang modification. Even finding one in a salvage yard is rare nowadays.

16th Nov 2017, 18:57

Sorry but your Versailles would crumple "Like a tin can" if it were ever get into an accident with most any modern car. Why? Because unlike today where the entire car body is heavily reinforced and beefed up to protect its occupants using internal trusses, crumple zones and so on, your car along with most others of that era were still using an old fashioned ladder frame and a bolt-on body. I'm a classic car owner myself and my car is also considerably older and heavier than yours, which if we're using your logic "should" comparatively speaking be even more robust than yours.

I'd suggest looking up any number of vintage car crash and safety testing videos. The results are certainly not pretty, and today we take for granted that the cars we drive now will most likely save us from serious bodily injury in the event of a crash, whereas cars like yours and mine often resulted with the engine being pushed right through the firewall.

But in regards to the 302 and C4, yes - VERY reliable, cheap, and easy to work on.