7th Mar 2018, 23:49

Original poster here. The car now has 270,000 miles. I had to replace the flexible section of the front exhaust pipe due to rust, the alternator, and the front crankshaft oil seal. I replaced all the belts as long as I was doing the seal. Also the rear fender lip on passenger side is rusted badly and I will repair that this spring.

The car still has the original clutch in it. I have a kit and will replace it this spring before the clutch wears out and damages the flywheel.

To the poster on Dec. 12, I have had very good luck with the Febi upper control arms. They have lasted longer than the factory units and are still in great shape. If you hear squeaking, it is usually the upper control arms. Just don't buy the cheap Chinese ones on eBay. I tried them once and they lasted less than 20,000 miles. I only have experience with Febi.

Replacing the front crankshaft seal is not too hard IF you have the right tools. You will need an impact wrench to take the front harmonic balancer off and put it back on. You will need a steering wheel puller to pull the harmonic balancer off.

7th Mar 2018, 23:51

I forgot to answer your other question. The upper control arm on 1999-2002 Infiniti G20s are all the same. Don't worry about it. Rockauto is the cheapest source.