31st Jan 2018, 19:24

I think the real mental block on new modern era cars, is more about price on this particular discussion board, than not actually being fixable. We knew going in as new first owners what we were getting ourselves into. We are busy people and simply pay the price of admission on keeping our brand choices in top shape. I would rather do very well at work and not deal with it. Less likely to get declined on warranty if the very new car dealership that represents the manufacturer does the work and keeps up to date records. If not, I still do not feel like working on them today. It was cake years ago. Open the hood today, it's literally hard to get to everything. I will do minor jobs such as batteries, bulbs, wiper blades, topping off fluids, new key fob battery perhaps and doing its reset steps. My thoughts, invest in a nice scanner to narrow down needs. I do not like taking advantage of an Autozone scanner knowing that I am not buying their parts, I am actually having it fixed by others. Not nice to do to a merchant. A scanner is a good investment. You can therefore show codes you found and compare.

1st Feb 2018, 04:58

No, there isn't any confusion between comparing an old car's reliability to its easier repairs.

The point being made is that old cars don't have the many more things that can fail on a new car.

The question being made over and over to you is what is so unreliable about them.

If you can't reply to that, then there is no reason to keep going with this.