23rd Jun 2018, 13:42

Thanks for the updates. These are good cars. Expensive though. I'd be wary of going to a dealer - an independent specialist might be cheaper for your suspension and other things. Let us know how you get on.

23rd Jun 2018, 22:37

Wish you many, many more enjoyable miles in your car.

Re: the suspension needing calibration - mechanically (engine, gearbox) that car should be fine if well-maintained and not abused. But the rest of the car, being the flagship, will have a lot of equipment that are complexities, like any air suspension systems, and these little things can fail. But it is on par with similar vehicles - any Mercedes S-class (post JR Ewing's), BMW 7-Series (from the Bangle era onwards), or a Range Rover. Many of these little things that fail are not likely to debilitate the car, but it may annoy you that it isn't working or not functioning correctly.