13th Mar 2019, 15:32

What’s the reliability comparison of a car that’s 10-15 years old with 10,000 total miles on it, vs a one year old car with 20,000 miles already on it? An interesting reliability comparison to ponder. Old vs New.

23rd Mar 2019, 01:52

"And after replying over a year later"?

Uh, yeah, it's called having a life outside of instantly posting anonymous responses to comments.

Anyway, never said that old cars have "reliability disadvantages" as you put it. Frankly, just about any car, old or new, should be reliable if it is maintained properly. What you seem to be unable to grasp is the fallacy of your argument that the more complicated the car, the less reliable it will be. That is just not true. But trying to make you understand this appears to be impossible, so will not bother any longer.