28th Jun 2019, 15:47

Exactly. Cars from this era were absolutely choked with emission equipment in an age before ECUs could more efficiently control things like the gas and air mixtures. I have a buddy who owns a 1975 Cadillac Eldorado. Like most cars of that era it has a HUGE hood covering a gigantic engine - a 500 - that barely puts out 200 horsepower. It's basically a giant, floaty, underpowered slug of a car that ekes out around 9 MPG.

28th Jun 2019, 17:38

Yeah, and that 2019 Camry is about as boring, bland and uninspiring as they come compared to the Buick on review, which by the way was built during the height of the smog era, when the American auto makers were at gun point with tightening emissions and CAFE standards.

The only choice they had was to rush new small cars into production, which didn't work too well, or choke the reliable V8's power in the large cars that they knew how to build.