19th Nov 2022, 20:13

Poor reliability and expensive repair costs would keep me away personally. GM these days have quality control issues.

20th Nov 2022, 17:15

Just get a Suburban. Pretty much the same vehicle, only a few $ thousands cheaper.

21st Nov 2022, 15:27

I looked and you CAN get Cadillac Escalades in the UK, either used or new. Looks like used ones are the way to go since new ones are going to be close to £100,000. I randomly looked them up and a used one showed up for £14,000 and a newer used one was £60,000.

As an American my recommendation to anyone who isn't in the US who has never seen one of these - you will want to do so. Why? These things are enormous. I have been to the UK and many of the roads there are a lot narrower than the average road here, because most roads here were built for cars whereas your roads are often 100's of years old and were made for horse and buggies. I cannot imagine driving a car like this on some of the roads I saw in the UK.

Secondly you would need to be prepared to possibly spend a decent amount of money on parts that would likely have to be sent from the US, which means expensive shipping. I seriously doubt you can - for example - go to a parts store in the UK and request an air filter, oil filter, or who knows what else for one of these. They simply are not common there and so there's no reason for a store to stock such parts.

Lastly, you'd have to be prepared to stick out like a sore thumb. If you like getting attention, some giant thing like this will probably do it. If not? Maybe not the vehicle for you.

25th May 2023, 05:16

These dawgs depreciate FAST. Like would you go out and buy one 5 or 10 years old? Heck no. Unless you have money to burn...