25th Apr 2008, 00:42

Are you from planet Earth? Lexus being unreliable? The fact that they are the most reliable cars ever.

Stop thinking that German = the best and do some research. Imitations maybe true, but reliability wise, Germans have something to learn from the Japanese or particularly Lexus.

With German cars, especially something like the BMW 740iL, you have to view how much you want to put into the car. If you always want everything to be working, it'll be like with any other car. It'll always be expensive. BMW parts will cost more too. Then there's inherent reliability, with variation between cars of the same model.

Basically, quality does not equal reliability. You can have the nicest interior in the world, doesn't mean that the parts will be reliable.

18th Jul 2011, 10:10

Well. German cars have ALWAYS been rather unreliable. In the old days, Mercedes were built very well. Today that's the same piece of junk as BMW, Audi and the rest of VAG. I'm living in Norway, and have owned a lot of cars. They will run very well until you pass 100.000 km /60.000 miles, then it will turn into a costly money sucking monster.

American cars are very often very reliable, and the most reliable cars ever are old American cars built in the 60s and 70s. They're as solid as a rock, and will last forever as long as you could buy them gas.

In Norway, cars are very expensive. But the yearly average income is, in USD, about $70.000. Well, I'll drive my Chevrolet Caprice from 1989 forever. I will never trade it.