7th Feb 2013, 07:54

I bought my 2005 DeVille 3 years ago in 2010 with 46,000 miles on it. The odometer just turned 98,000 miles this week. No work other than oil changes had ever been done to it before I bought it.

I have just last year replaced tires, battery and complete brake job and shocks all around... just routine replacement stuff.

I consistently get between 29 and 32 MPG on the interstates, depending on how level or hilly the terrain is. I set the cruise anywhere between 62 and 65 mph.

It's a great car.

23rd Jun 2013, 21:05

I have a 2005 DeVille, and on trips I average between 27.5 and 31 MPG, depending on the terrain.

I bought it used with 46k miles. Three years later I have just under 103k miles. No major problems... just the usual things that one needs to stay on top of like brakes, tires, battery, and fluid replacement at regular intervals.

24th Oct 2013, 06:02

I have a 2005 DeVille, and on trips I average 28/32 MPG depending on terrain, headwinds, how heavily the car is loaded, and speed (60/75 mph).