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1997 Daewoo Racer GTi

A collectors item! Don't sell it or you'll regret it!

5 days ago

2004 Dodge Durango SLT 4X2

Macho looking SUV that is powerful, but prepare yourself for higher gasoline and maintenance bills

5 weeks ago

2000 Mitsubishi Lancer MX

Great perfomance car with great value for money

4th Aug

2007 Ford Everest

Perfect for Mindanao. Runs high and economical

18th Jul

1994 Toyota LiteAce GXL

7th Jul

1997 Volkswagen Polo polo classic

Overall, the polo is a great, functional, happy car

26th Jun

1994 Toyota LiteAce GXL

6th Jun

1994 Toyota LiteAce GXL

6th Jun

1994 Toyota LiteAce GXL

22nd Apr

2005 Honda Jazz I-Dsi

Great city car, needs more power for faster roads

20th Apr

1994 Toyota LiteAce GXL

17th Apr

1991 Toyota LiteAce GXL

11th Apr

1997 Opel Vectra CD

A cold blooded car which is afraid of the sun

7th Apr

1994 Toyota LiteAce GXL

5th Apr