2003 Chrysler Grand Voyager Limited 3.3 petrol


A quiet way to glide from place to place


Electric sliding side door intermittent fault.

Electric sliding side door lock fault - $27 to fix.

Saggy rear door struts - $230.

Noisy timing belt pulley - $200.

Radiator (alloy) - $650 (Sob!).

Sagging roof lining - $500.

General Comments:

You won't get any speeding tickets, but it is like driving your lounge room from place to place.

When we bought this car with the roof sagged in. Not uncommon for a car of this vintage. About $500 AUD to repair.

The rear door needed new struts, and they were sourced from Chrysler for about $230. Not cheap, and I should have checked eBay.

The sliding door on the driver's side had a door lock that failed, but at least you could push the button. I eventually bought a replacement on eBay for $27, and it took 20 minutes to install.

Sometimes the electric door motor won't kick in, but there are YouTube vids that show how to check the wiring harness and re-solder the cable. Haven't bothered yet. I just slide it manually when it happens.

Parts are generally cheap and easily available.

Although the engine is pretty sweet, it is tuned for torque, not acceleration, which makes it lethargic, but it doesn't seem to notice if it has more people in it. The cruise control is a waste of time, as the engine just cannot keep up the pace.

The "Limited" has leather and electric everything, as well as climate controlled 3 zone air con. The electric doors impress everyone. The stereo had been replaced when I bought it. It also has plenty of storage nooks and excellent hooks to hang your shopping bags, which actually work beautifully. The auto dimming rear vision mirror also works really well. It has 12v outlets, two front and one rear, which are great for the kids to charge iPods etc while you're moving.

This is the smoothest riding car I have ever owned. It is also quiet and has masses of luggage space, unlike seven seater 4WDs. All of the rear seats can be removed, leaving a massive amount of room if you need to shift something large. The rear seat slides back and forth, so I can fit three bikes in the back and still shut the door.

Much nicer than Kia Grand Carnival, but nowhere near as powerful.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2014

2004 Chrysler Grand Voyager Limited 3.3 petrol


The Queen Mary on wheels


One of the rear doors doesn't unlock with the button, but works OK manually.

Saggy rear struts on the tailgate.

Dashboard starting to crack.

Headlining falling down.

Loads of drive train noise.


General Comments:

Electric everything, including side doors and tailgate.

Very comfortable and quiet - more so than my previous Voyager, and that was pretty peaceful inside.

Park brake actually works (in previous models they were woeful).

For a van, not bad to drive.

Absolutely feature packed.

My kids love it, and the ducted A/C is a big improvement on my 1997 model's dashboard only system.

Nicer than a Kia Carnival.

If you're thinking of buying one, see if the auto shudders from 1st to 2nd, or if there is a delay when you put it in drive. The auto box is complex and expensive to rebuild ($5000).

There is enough room to put my kids in and all of their bikes without using a bike rack.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2013

2007 Chrysler Grand Voyager LX Signature 3.3 petrol


Comfortable, roomy people mover


At 53000 kms, the auto transmission died. Luckily it was still under its 3 year warranty. Dealer had to source new box from O/S. Only 3 available world wide. Fixed in 2 weeks, now back on the road, and no further problems so far.

General Comments:

Great people mover, although very expensive to buy. Plenty of room for a tribe of kids, a couple of dogs and luggage. Came standard with DVD, climate control, leather seats, sat nav, and heap of other bits and pieces. Looked at Tarago VW Caravelle & Caddy life, but I didn't feel they were up to the Chrysler. Would recommend to a large family.

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Review Date: 27th January, 2011