C5 2.2L twin turbo diesel

Best value for the money

95 words


C5 3.0

The best car I've ever owned. Incredible suspension and steering, Quiet, very comfortable

44 words, 2 comments


C5 HDi 2.0L turbo diesel

A reliable & endearing car that grows on you

260 words, 3 comments

C5 SX 2.0


128 words, 1 comment

C5 Estate 2.0 petrol

A car is only as good as the dealer network that supports it

260 words


C5 3.0

Unreliable junk

101 words

C5 Exclusive V6

An excellent voiture merci

116 words, 3 comments

C5 Estate 2.0 petrol


81 words

C5 Exclusive 3.1 V6

Power, comfort, and reliability is always in a Citroen!

60 words, 1 comment

C5 SE 2.2 HDI turbo diesel

Good solid car, just too expensive

145 words, 1 comment


C5 SX 2.0lt petrol

The C5 is one sweet ride!

249 words, 8 comments

C5 SX 2.0 HDI

Quiet, comfortable, effortless and economical to boot

218 words