Applause Executive 1.6L SOHC

The reliable, convenient and robust car in its range

265 words


Applause Executive 1.6 EFI

Amazing, no regrets. Fun!

75 words, 1 comment


Applause 1.6 EFI

Reliable, bullet proof motoring

37 words

Applause Xi 1.6L

Reliable, till my death shall me and the Applause part

145 words


Applause Xi 1.6i

A reliable performer at a reasonable price

112 words

Applause Xi 1.6 EFI, 16v

A fantastic value for money motor car

169 words, 1 comment


Applause X 1.6 unleaded

148 words

Applause Li 1.6L

A reliable little car I've done heaps of highway driving in

90 words

Applause Li 1.6 fuel Injected petrol

Very cheap to run car with plenty of carry capacity

130 words


Applause Xi 1.6 Fuel Injected

Yes, Indeed I would buy another Applause, it is still great!

347 words, 23 comments


Applause Xi 1.6 EFI

Good, reliable car

91 words