Ford Corsair reviews from Australia and New Zealand


Corsair GL 2.0L petrol

Brilliant first car, and a reliable car

169 words

Corsair GL 2.0L CA20E

It goes alright

198 words

Corsair Ghia 2.4L

Unreal! It's just too good to sell

125 words

Corsair Ghia 2.4L

A very good car with a huge boot!

67 words

Corsair Ghia 2.4 EFi

Expensive if it breaks, but a pretty good car if it doesn't.

286 words, 1 comment

Corsair 2.0L petrol CB20 Twin Spark

The Ford Corsair (U12 Nissan Pintara) is high maintenance motor

265 words, 9 comments


Corsair Sedan 2.4L

Reliable, good car to own

195 words

Corsair 2.0L EFI

Once you fix it, you can't stop it

137 words, 1 comment