1991 Ford Corsair GL 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Another 23 years should be no problem


Generally, this car has been very good for a 23 year old car. CV joint went on it, but only $75 for the axle. Most annoying thing was gear stick rattle. It took me forever to isolate the source, and it turned out to be an extra large gap directly under the heat shield. I added a washer and greased it all up, and the problem was solved.

Never use Bosch plugs on it, even though the factory wires are Bosch. Always use NGK and it will idle smoothly.

Twice I have had to replace the Vehicle Speed Sensor.

Just service it every 5000km and all should be good.

General Comments:

Boring, unexciting and kinda looks like a miniature EA Falcon. These cars should be great value, as most owners were old dudes.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2014

29th Jun 2016, 05:20


And here it is in 2016 and Repco and Sprint Auto don't even have the VSS listed.

Nisswreck didn't want to know me either!

It isn't in the Gregory's Manual either.

So could you please tell me where you got your two new ones?

And where it is located?


19th Dec 2016, 11:18

The speed sensor is at the rear of the transmission. I picked up sensors from U-Pull-It wreckers.

The car is still running and zero problems with it. I park my new car and drive this Corsair around town as it is an old school car that is fun to drive.

1989 Ford Corsair Sedan 2.4L from Australia and New Zealand


Reliable, good car to own


When I first got it, I received a list of things from the previous owner of what was wrong with it. These included a 95% blocked radiator, torn CV boots, faulty cooling system causing the car to overheat, faulty alternator belt, faulty horn, exhaust pipe broken off, faulty brake caliper.

Fixed the major problems like (radiator, CV boots and cooling system) immediately after I got the car, and it hasn't really been giving me any problems since.

Runs very well, a very reliable car once the problems are fixed. Very spacious interior, extremely comfortable seats (could sleep on them!), large boot, cool electric windows. Working air conditioner and heater. Extremely good acceleration, powerful engine.

Expensive to fix though, as parts are often hard to find, or some repairing jobs, which are easy and quick with other cars, are particularly difficult with this car (according to my mechanic).

Otherwise, a good car to own, very fuel efficient, has a minor electrical problem that causes my radio to reset itself every time I turn the engine off, so I always have to key in the security code for it to turn on when I start the car.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2010

1990 Ford Corsair GL 2.0L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Brilliant first car, and a reliable car


At present, absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

I have recently purchased my 1990 Ford Corsair as my first car, and quite frankly, I love it! I christened him Gandolf, and he is the best car I have driven.

The other cars of this type (Nissan Pintara as well as the Ford) have received bad raps, but I think they're brilliant.

The design is quite harmless, and does the '90's justice unlike other cars of the era. The interior also gives a good impression of the simplicity of small cars of the same era.

The 2L, 8 valve Nissan engine is strong, still with 180,000 on the clock. It pulls hard and can get me anywhere and away from anything. The gearbox is also brilliant. It's geared so that, even in 5th, it has the ability to pull and get you out of strife.

I would recommend one of these beauties to whoever can find one, as long as it is a manual. If you treat it with respect, it will last forever.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2010

7th Mar 2015, 03:45

I have a 1990 Ford Corsair, but can't get any parts, so just wondering if anyone might know where I can find some?

15th Dec 2015, 05:59

For replacement parts of common service items, contact your local friendly spare parts place that supplies local service mechanics. It is surprising what is still available if the guy/gal takes the time to search it out (also how old/how long in the game they have been).

If you have a local wreckers, make friends with them - they may be able to source stuff for you (hint: be nice to them - there is now no money in being a spare parts supplier!).

Finally, there is a lot of stuff on the Internet, but take the usual precautions - there are a lot of sharks out there!

Enjoy your ride. The 2.4L is FUN!