1990 Ford Corsair GL 2.0L CA20E from Australia and New Zealand


It goes alright


ECM light comes on, and as previously mentioned, has stalled once for no apparent reason. Guessing something to do with said ECM fault.

Inside light doesn't work.

Parts like the indicator sticks and window winder mechanism appear to be really quite flimsy, which I consider indicative of the build quality.

When I bought the car, the front right indicator shield had been smashed through. This didn't include the bulb, but rather just the plastic cover. That single piece alone cost me $200. Very hard to source, and ended up having to get an original factory part. They'd already been snatched up at wreckers all across Melbourne mid-2009.

General Comments:

It is a front-wheel drive, so it handles pretty nicely, but not great in the rain and does seem to slide around corners a little bit.

But overall, it gets me from A - B. I'm a year 12 student, and most likely intend to keep the car until second year uni or so, but beyond that I think it would definitely be time for a new car.

If you have the option of a 2.4 v a 2.0, definitely go the 2.4. It's generally a better engine - the KA24E.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2009

1989 Ford Corsair 2.0L EFI from Australia and New Zealand


Once you fix it, you can't stop it


The master cylinder needed to be replaced.

Driver's seat has started to wear down to the foam and the metal bits of the seat.

Rear brake light not working, haven't checked if it's the bulb.

One of the rear seat belts isn't working.

CV joints needed replacing, but it was probably about time.

The roof lining is sagging.

Finally the stereo system just failed.

General Comments:

I think this car is expensive to fix if a problem occurs, but once you have sorted out the problem, the car will just go and go.

There is a lot of tire roar at highway speeds, but isn't that bad at normal suburb speeds, it does sound nice when you put your foot down.

The car has some go but the kickback lags a bit when the auto changes down a gear.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2009

11th Sep 2010, 08:27

Pretty much all of that is normal wear and tear, although sagging roof lining and seats wearing out is something that affected a lot of Nissans, Fords and Holdens made in Australia during that time. The tyre roar is probably more to do with the type of tyres you're running.

1990 Ford Corsair Ghia 2.4L from Australia and New Zealand


Unreal! It's just too good to sell


Absolutely nothing has gone wrong with this car! I can't believe it. Simply a great car. I service it once a year and it runs perfectly.

General Comments:

Very good car on the highway, as it has plenty of power to overtake slower cars, and zoom up hills. Very comfortable to drive, and the transmission has a handy economy switch if you wish to save on fuel a bit. But it's generally pretty good anyway so I have it on the power option.

My car is a hatchback, and the boot is ridiculously big. Every now and then I think about getting a newer car, but there really is no point. This car shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, so I really can't justify replacing it.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2008

1990 Ford Corsair Ghia 2.4L from Australia and New Zealand


A very good car with a huge boot!


Power windows have failed. Apart from that, nothing has ever gone wrong with this car! Amazing.

General Comments:

Great car, very nice to drive, maybe a bit thirsty on fuel, given the size of the engine, but at least it goes when you put your foot down.

The Ghia interior is very nice, and the stereo is surprisingly good.

The huge boot in the hatch is a definite plus.

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Review Date: 20th June, 2007

1990 Ford Corsair Ghia 2.4 EFi from Australia and New Zealand


Expensive if it breaks, but a pretty good car if it doesn't.


Two faulty fuel injectors had to be replaced immediately after purchase. Immediately after receiving car from repairs, the other two fuel injectors became faulty and required repair.

Left front power window motor doesn't work properly, and not at all on occasions.

Brake master cylinder has leak.

Steering hood is cracked.

Power steering pump fluid leaks badly. Frequent refills of the fluid simply cause more of it to leak out at a faster rate.

Badly worn suspension makes for very stiff and uncomfortable ride. Despite high ground clearance, under body of car often scrapes on curbs.

Rear parking lights do not work. Have checked the bulbs, which are fine, so the wiring must be faulty.

Right front parking light also does not work for the same reason.

General Comments:

Overall, a decent car for your first one.

Drives easily, with very light steering and responsive throttle. Brakes are somewhat weak, but this can be easily adjusted to. With very little difficulty one can drive this car smoothly and comfortably.

Good room in both front and rear, and a very large boot. Excellent headroom all round due to box-like shape. Good vision around the car as well.

Good fuel economy considering large-for-its-time 2.4 litre engine in only a medium sedan. Good power above 3,000 rpm and very quiet below 2,500. Nice exhaust note when pushed hard, although tyre roar drowns this out at highway speeds.

Luxury model is well equipped: front and rear power windows, air conditioning, power steering, electric mirrors, velour seats/trim, surprisingly good sound system for standard fitting.

Good car all round, just make sure you get a warranty from the dealer because a lot of things going wrong adds up very quickly to a lot of money.

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Review Date: 30th May, 2006

2nd Apr 2008, 22:45

The comments of this reviewer relate to a specific car. Their car may have been the proverbial heap of poo when they bought it, and not properly looked after by its previous owner, however the class of vehicle is good.

Given the apparent low K's either someone didled the Odo or the motor has been thrashed.

If the power steering fluid leaks then the container needs to be fixed. Same for Brake master cylinder. The vehicle is basically a nissan. Get the parts from Nissan and avoid the markup made by Ford.

As for the rear "park lights" They are reverse lights only. The park lights as such are in the brake lights.