1990 Ford Corsair 2.0L petrol CB20 Twin Spark from Australia and New Zealand


The Ford Corsair (U12 Nissan Pintara) is high maintenance motor


The head gasket blew at 280,000km, due to on going problems with the cooling system. ie, thermostat, blocked radiator, leaky radiator. Replaced with a second hand motor. $350 from wreckers + labour.

Since I have had the car back, I have had persistent problems with the running gear including missing bolts, causing the rear engine mount bracket to crack and break, and the exhaust manifold breaking its seal (dodgy workmanship).

Replaced a clutch slave cylinder after a piston caused excessive wear. The clutch was also replaced when the engine was done. $50 approx. for the slave cylinder.

Suspension has worn badly giving the car terrible handling and ride. Will cost approx. $700 to repair.

Brake master cylinder rear seal is leaking, have not repaired as yet, but expecting to cost $30 for a replacement (wreckers) or reconditioned item.

Cracked dashboard, sagging roof lining, broken boot release.

C.V. joints replaced at 290,000, $320.

General Comments:

Generally the car is a bomb, but considering the amount of km it has done, it is expected.

It has extractors and a K&N air filter, which did make a big difference in response. The car still reaches 180km/h (don't ask how I know) and considering how old it is, I am surprised by the performance, quick response and generally good handling. Good torque for a 2L engine.

With a bit of TLC, it would be worth keeping and can be made to look the part. Will cost about $1500 to get to the point where I would be happy with it. Has a tough gearbox and the engine can take a beating.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2006

30th May 2006, 11:19

I've got a 1990 Corsair that's done about 94,000 ks, and I've also had problems with leaks in the brake master cylinder, as well as worn suspension that results in very poor ride. Far fewer kilometres, but similar problems. Food for thought.

26th Jul 2006, 04:16

I've also had problems with my Ford Corsair, it's a 1991 model.

I have already spent over 1500 dollars on a general service, rear and front brake pads and calliper reconditioning, also 4 new tyres.

I may need to eventually replace the master cylinder, and I am having major problems with the cooling system within the car.

On top of this its not helping that I use my car for my job.

I am going to buy a new thermostat tomorrow, at a cost of around 20 dollars.

I am glad that I am not the only one having coolant problems with this particular model, it sounds like it's a common problem.