2002 Ford Escape XT 3.0 petrol




Electrics shut down and stalled four times in very dangerous circumstances

Rust in front pillars.

Dealer told me that if I couldn't tell him what was wrong with the car, they couldn't fix it.

General Comments:

Car had good power, but was terrible off road. after sales service is criminal.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2005

2001 Ford Escape XLS 3.0L petrol


Be warned: Escape the Escape!!


New torque converter installed.

Both head seals replaced.

Rear diff seal replaced.

Power steering leaks.

Transmission fluid leaks.

Engine stalls - intermittently.

Windows rattle when half down.

Air conditioner stopped conditioning!

Left hand drive shaft needed replacing.

Transmission shifts erratically.

General Comments:

The Escape looks like it has the goods, but unfortunately it's all show and no go. Under the facade of its great looks and macho image is a car that offers very little value for money. Its transmission and engine are exceedingly noisy and the quality of the interior is woeful. The transmission is just plain BAD and the engine very thirsty. I made a mistake buying the Escape now I want to ESCAPE the ESCAPE!!

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Review Date: 24th July, 2003

26th Aug 2003, 14:09

I also have a Ford Escape (Manual Transmission XLS) and I have also been disappointed about the purchase.

I have the following problems:

1) Excessive Brake Dust

2) Truck shakes when it's in first or second gear

3) Clutch plate has been replaced twice

4) Stick Shift has problems, some times I cannot put the car in gear.

This has been my first brand new car purchase and it has been a bad experience.

2002 Ford Escape XLT 3L V6


Great 4WD and on road vehicle


Nothing so far.

General Comments:

People say that its not a real 4WD, we took it on a 4WD course and it handled better, got up hills, cornered etc a lot better than all the Jeeps, Land Rovers etc with its superb power and size. All with road tires as well.

A lot of onroad noise, but that's expected.

Very comfy for long trips.

Great power for pulling the boat.

Only bad thing is the fact that it beeps at you for everything that you do, like lights on, keys in, door open, seat belt off, and many more,

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Review Date: 19th November, 2002