10th Oct 2003, 23:30

I own a 2003 Ford Escape, XLT, loaded. Brake dust is excessive, but in reality, it's fast, handles great, and the V6 has plenty of highway passing power to get you through. We have had no problems yet.

29th Jun 2004, 21:21

I have a Ford Escape 2001, the problems are:

- The plastic fly wheel for the engine tension belt melted resulting in sudden stalling of the electrical system with immediate loss of power steering, power window, horn, radio etc., clearly a very dangerous situation to be in.

- The air conditioner is not cold when the car is running at higher speed, for example: above 30km/h, but cooling is perfect when the engine is idling.

9th Dec 2005, 15:09

I own a 2001 XLS and had the gearbox shudder also. However as the last reviewer pointed out that her transmission specialist said it was fatigued transmission oil, he was quite correct. Ford have a technical service bulletin dealing with this common gearbox shudder. Not only does it require a flush of the transmission oil, it also involves a re-flash of the ECU (electronic control Unit) to give the transmission a new change strategy to prevent it from happening again. After this was done to mine I have had no problems and love my Escape.

6th Feb 2006, 10:19

I have a 2001 XLT. In two and a half years I've had the following problems:

1. a recall for seat belt malfunction.

2. a recall for master computer malfunctions.

3. replaced sway bar links on both front sides; driver's side was replaced and about a year later passenger side had same problem (loud clunking noise while driving, especially over bumps)

4. brake boosters replaced (brakes were hissing)

5. ignition cylinder replaced (key would not go into the ignition)

6. loses brake fluid pretty regularly.

Might have been a mistake getting the Escape...

11th Jun 2006, 13:25

Re: 2001 Ford Escape XLT owners.

Tip #1: For the mechanically inclined, the Haynes Repair Manual, in conjunction with the Ford Owner's Manual, are excellent references for performing most periodic maintenance and unscheduled repairs.

Transmission Experience- The transmission shuddering that most owners notice as the vehicle is accelerating in the range of 37-42 mph might be attributable to faulty engineering or less likely fatigued transmission fluid. If the transmission shudder reoccurs after flushing and refilling the transmission, then the problem is most likely mechanical. Seems that the transmission will not gracefully shift to the next gear, rather it occurs suddenly and noticeably as if someone rammed the vehicle from behind.

7th Jul 2006, 11:02

2001 Ford Escape (XLT) with 54,9k miles, I have been driving her since 2003 when purchased she had 11k. At first no problems great little truck, I kept the oil changed and even 2 tune-ups; then it happened coil-packs...First the # 5 with an oil change was $500; Then coil pack # 6 almost $600.

On a trip the engine light started blinking, the truck began slowing down losing power the RPM gauge didn't move as I tried to accelerate finally stopping, coil pack # 3out, the Ford dealer wanted almost $900 I found a shop that did it for $442 and its still not running correctlyit shakes and rumbles as of this day. How do I handle this coil pack problem? Anyone else having trouble like this?

10th Jul 2006, 10:46

It started a few weeks ago... on hot California days that are over 95 and 100 degrees. At slow speeds, generally when turning into parking spaces or anywhere you have to turn, (lights, driveway, etc.) Behind the steering wheel, there's a grinding rumble and you can feel it behind both pedals and on the drivers floor boards. Dealer replaced two bearing plates in the suspension for $50 each plus 4-5 hours or labor. But the car is still making the noise. It's very intermittent and generally appears after hot afternoons in traffic on the way home from work, or on weekends running errands in the afternoon sun where the car is driven and stays warm because it sits in the sun. I can't recreate the problem in the mornings when it's cool out or on cooler days. This is the first major thing wrong and my car is now at 105,000 miles. Any one else heard of similar problems? It's had several services, lots of tires, and regular oil changes. Dealer says he can't recreate the problem long enough to know what to fix. Suggestions welcome!

27th Jul 2006, 15:45

I have a 2004 Ford Escape with approximately 60K. I've got a problem with getting the car to start from time to time. It'll start up fine in the mornings, but by mid-day, restarting becomes a challenge, and sometimes takes 20 minutes at a time waiting (what for, I don't know) then it will start. Engine tested, alternator and starter as well, all said to be fine. I was told that if it was a coil pack then the car would shut down altogether at times, but this has never happened. But everyday I have a problem at some point starting the vehicle. I lose about 20-30 minutes of my life dealing with it. Any similar problems? Suggestions? Thanks.

PS-Firestone nor another automobile repair shop could recreate the problem.

29th Jul 2006, 18:57

I also own a 2001 Ford Escape XLS. For 2 years now (and only intermittently) the engine shudders. The engine light is on and previously its said "Ignition Coil Pack A". What does this mean exactly??? I just spent $471 getting a new computer, and another $484 having spark plugs/wires, transmission flush/fill and oil change. While it was in the shop they drove it and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Also, the engine light was on when it got there, 2 days later, it automatically went out. I got it back again after the shop said they couldn't replicate the shudder and its doing it again. After the shudder started again, I shut off the engine to fuel up, cranked it up again -- engine light is back on! Of course, when I take it back, they won't be able to replicate it. The Escape has 107,000 miles on it, cruise control died and the radiator light is on - constantly. Anyone else having these kinds of problems?

10th Aug 2006, 11:15

I own a 2004 Ford Escape XLT 2 Wheel Drive.

I have recently encountered a situation where the air conditioner, when "sweating" is pouring on a portion of my exhaust (steel woven section). Besides the crackling, it appears to do little to no damage now, however, I AM concerned about any long term effects.

When I stop the vehicle, it pours down quite a bit which also has me worried about the water pump...

Anyone else able to chime in on this situation?

27th Aug 2006, 18:25

I also have a Ford Escape, 2001, the first model. At 29,000 miles the transmission was replaced and I have not had any problems till recently. I have a problem with getting it started. I have had a mechanic look at it and he said that it may be the key, he could not find any other problems. I am taking it to the ford dealership tomorrow, but I am concerned that they will try to get money out of me. PLease help. If anyone has any advise please email me.


4th Sep 2006, 19:41

I have a 2001 Escape. I had issues with the car taking a while to start as well - it turns out it was the IAC Valve. Two weeks later, my transmission died as I was driving it. Apparently, the transmission on this car is a piece of crap. The mechanic that rebuilt mine told me to flush it every year - if you're not already doing that, I highly suggest it - the job cost me 3300 due to the fact that it's difficult to reach the transmission. As much as I love my car, I won't be buying an Escape ever again. : (