Fairmont EF II Wagon 4.0

It just never let me down, ever!

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Fairmont EF2 Series 2 Sedan 4.0

Great car, buy one now in good condition, the price is low, however just like every previous Falcon

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Fairmont EF Series II 4.0L

Love it, love it, love it

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Fairmont EF 4.0 litre petrol

Such a comfortable, roomy, effortless drive

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Fairmont EF 4.0L straight six

This car is for the serious young driver

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Fairmont EF2 4.0

Can't beat a big car for comfort

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Fairmont EF2 4.0 Six

Nice family sized sedan, with good looks

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Fairmont EF Ghia Series 2 4.0 OHC petrol

High performance luxury

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Fairmont EF II 4.0 petrol

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Fairmont EF II 4.0 Litre Intech OHC

A Sexy Beast

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Fairmont EF 4.0 OHC petrol

At today's prices, it's a steal!!

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