Focus TDCi 2.0 turbo diesel

Excellent long distance tourer, as well as being practical

79 words, 2 comments

Focus LV XR5 2.5 turbo

The Focus XR5 is fun to drive when its working, however its poor reliability ruins it

260 words, 3 comments


Focus 2.0 petrol

I won't buy another car with a space saver spare wheel from any manufacturer!!

80 words, 11 comments


Focus Zetec 2.0L

Great reliable, sporty little car

380 words, 2 comments

Focus XR5 2.5 turbo

Great character filled, well powered and practical car

373 words

Focus TDCi 2.0L turbo diesel

Ford Australia's best kept secret

669 words, 9 comments

Focus 2.0 petrol

Good value and enjoyable to drive. Oz cars have poor safety spec

188 words

Focus LX 1.8 TDCi

Top Notch Diesel Wagon

97 words, 1 comment


Focus CL 2.0L Duratech

Perfect and economical family sedan

430 words


Focus 1.6

A very reliable smaller hatch and have loved owning it

68 words


Focus Zetec 2.0

Light-years ahead of most other small cars from its era..

202 words

Focus CL 1.8

Good first car

55 words


Focus Zetec 2.0 petrol

Great handling, reliable, and easy to live with long term

349 words, 4 comments

Focus Zetec 2.0 Zetec

The best hatchback ever made!

226 words, 1 comment