2002 Ford Focus Zetec 2.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great handling, reliable, and easy to live with long term


Dash faulty when the car was 7 years old.

Had a problem with the auto at 5 years old, fixed by dealer; I think it was just low on fluid.

Driver's window motor went dead when the car was 10 years old.

Power steering pump replaced when 10 years old.

Radio power button has become temperamental lately, but the radio still sounds fantastic!

General Comments:

Great car, best I've ever owned, or driven in. The standouts with this car are the handling, steering and brake feel, and the general feeling of solidity. The car still feels new at 13 years. Exterior styling has aged gracefully I think; interior, not so much. It just doesn't look very mature. Cabin plastics are just OK, but you don't care, as you are having so much fun driving the car!

It is true though that the 2.0 Zetec engine is not a great engine. Power is satisfactory, but it would be nice to have a bit more power, or even better, torque. The auto is OK, but shifts too early for my taste. It doesn't hunt gears too much, but hey, a manual would be better in my opinion, and would suit the character of the car much more.

I bought this car when it was 4 years old, and not long after buying it I had a problem where it wouldn't shift out of 1st or 2nd gear. Great dealer service from my Ford dealer; after that no problems since.

Problems with the power steering pump are known with Foci made between certain dates, and I had mine replaced when the car was about 10 years old. I think that considering the car is almost 13 years old now, it has been exceptionally reliable, comfortable and economical to run.

Three minor repairs in that time prove the Focus is pretty economical and easy to live with. I'm glad I bought my Focus, rather than the Corolla I was thinking of. It is sheer engineering excellence, and just as reliable too. Even a typical Toyota will have a few little issues over the years too.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2015

2002 Ford Focus SE 2.4 I-4 from North America




1. Ignition lock cylinder jammed and needed to be replaced.

2. Ignition coil replaced.

3. Air conditioning had a major leak and did not work.

4. Exhaust manifold to exhaust pipe gasket replaced.

5. Parking brake did not work and required the brake drums to be replaced.

6. License plate light connections corroded and lights went out. Needed to replace sockets (I got a ticket for this).

7. Window lift mechanism broke and window fell down into the door.

8. Throttle cable broke (cable that connects the pedal to the butterfly valve) and was replaced.

9. Side view mirrors are plastic and cheap. I had them broken off twice and replaced.

10. Radio died; replaced with an aftermarket radio.

11. Numerous other problems (I cannot remember them all).

General Comments:

This car is junk and a reliability nightmare!

The only thing good was the MPG (22 city/32 highway).

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Review Date: 25th April, 2014

2002 Ford Focus SE from North America


Good looking, cheap, and reliable everyday transportation


4 tires at 170000.

Front springs at 189000.

Battery at 200000.

Thermostat housing at 202000.

General Comments:

I am pleasantly surprised. I never thought that a Ford Focus would turn out to be my most reliable vehicle so far. It has 209000 miles on odometer and is still going strong.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2013

2002 Ford Focus ZX3 2-door hatchback 2.0L inline 4 from North America


Very reliable car


0 - 80,000 km. Nothing, just regular maintenance:

- Engine oil + filter changed every 5,000 km.

- Manual transmission oil changed once.

- Two fuel filters. Once at 30,000 km, and again at 60,000 km.

- One tail light bulb.

- One interior dome light bulb.

General Comments:

From what I remember:

Bought the 02 Focus new in 2002. It was the basic model. Manual windows, locks, mirrors, no A/C, no ABS, and 5 speed manual transmission.

It was an excellent car to get from A to B. It had quite a bit of power for a 4 cylinder; about 120 HP. Acceleration was quick if you know how to drive manual. Steering was crisp and responsive. The suspension was a little stiff, which made handling around corners at higher speeds easy. A nimble car if you like to fool around.

The interior was nicely done. All the controls were easy to reach and in the right place. Three large knobs for the heater made it easy to use without taking my eyes off the road. It had a nice single CD stereo player.

Interior room was spacious for a 2-door hatchback. Sitting in the back was not a problem for me, still had adequate head room. Front head room was quite good. At 6 ft 3" I still had a few inches of head clearance. Getting in and out was easy too. The 2-door has longer doors than the 4-door version. This also made for excellent visibility, because the pillar is set back farther.

Seating comfort was fine on short 1 hour trips. A few hours in the driver's seat was tiresome, but not bad. Road noise was as expected for a basic car. A bit of noise at highway speeds, and in town. When the pavement surface is smooth it's quiet, and when rough it can be like sitting in a commercial airliner.

Fuel economy was OK, not great. 11L/100 km city, and 8L/100 km highway.

At 5 years old the car was totaled. A stupid teenager talking on his cell phone while driving ran the red light, and hit the car from the passenger front side panel going 80 km/h. My car bounced two lanes over and stopped a few inches before a steel pole. Luckily I walked away. The front wheel was pushed into the engine and the front door was pushed in, glass broken. The dashboard was moved a few inches, and windshield smashed. It was a wreck.

I wish people would concentrate on driving, and stop talking on their phones or having the dog sitting on their lap behind the wheel. Stupid!

Overall I was happy with the Focus. Would I buy another? Yes, I always had good luck with Ford. The 2013 Focus base model now has 160 HP. There is a few thousand off dealer incentives, and being a Costco member, you get an additional $1,000 discount.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2013