2002 Ford Focus 1.8 TDCi turbo diesel from Netherlands


Nice driving car, but unreliable engine


- Light bulbs.

- Multi-belt.

- Ball joints front suspension.

- Brake discs front.

- Timing belt.

General Comments:

Nice car to drive, good performance, pleasant design. But in the the 2.5 year period I had the Focus, I was not very lucky. Two times the car left me stranded with broken belts, and the last time - when the timing belt broke, 10.000 km before it should have been replaced, the engine could not be repaired.

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Review Date: 20th September, 2012

21st Sep 2012, 00:10

Can't agree more. All we get in Focus's on this side of the pond are gasoline 2.0 engines. Both of which drop valve seats right at 150k miles. Nice car otherwise (with the stick shifts anyway), but the stupid and insulting valve seat design makes a mockery of otherwise good engineering. Never had a car that treats the customer with such contempt before (my wife's term). Ford wants to save a few dollars on the production line... only to lose customers... for life. What are they thinking about? Dearborn? I don't think so... more like DearGod - what were they thinking?

16th Apr 2013, 06:56

Belts snapping has nothing to do with the reliability of the engine itself. It's obviously a cheaply made belt and snapped prematurely. The engine itself would have been fine for a long time. It's a pity about the corner cutting by Ford where it really mattered.

2002 Ford Focus ZTS 2.0 Zetec from North America


Ford screwed up my chances of going to college!!!


Back doors wouldn't shut at 100k ($500).

Alternator at 100k ($600).

Timing belt at 100k ($400).

Stock stereo went out ($300).

Driver's seat wore out at 100k (still not fixed.. looking at $800).

Back window regulators at 105k ($400).

Overheating at 110k. Was told it was a thermostat ($150).

At 115k, all of my headlights went out; a relay ($250).

Goes through tires and brakes like no one's business (sets of tires are $600, since they are 205/50 R16).

Ignition switch (key stuck in ignition) at 120k ($350).

Ignition coil pack at 128k ($275).

At 140k miles, the timing belt yet again (it shredded) ($800).

Water pump was leaking at the same time; replaced.

At 142k, had to replace both front shocks (coil springs broke) ($400).

143k, coolant fans went out.. had to replace both fans as well as relays ($500).

144k, motor mount and replaced the radiator coolant tank ($350).

148k, replaced all four tires yet again ($695).

148k, brake job all around ($450).

152k, transmission lost PARK, and it doesn't want to shift. Was told we have to do a transmission rebuild.. or a new unit. Rebuild is $1800 or a new one is $2500!!! SO DONE WITH THIS CAR!!!

Oh, and I need new back shocks, which are another $400..

General Comments:

The Focus handles well... but either you can get one with a bad motor or one with a bad transmission.. Avoid 2000-2005 models :( Finding out a lot about recalls.. magically I have the same issues as the recalls, but that my car is not included on them.. and finding out a lot about "silent recalls".. recalls that Ford will fix only if you complained about the issue before your warranty went out, then it's a BIG F U from the blue oval.

The car handles well in dry conditions.. see a raindrop or snowflake.. go ahead and park it.. the car will be all over the place..

Gas mileage is all over the place.. I can get 30 MPG one day, and the next day on the same route, I can get as little at 18-20 MPG.. and with this small gas tank, that is a big hit.

I have leather seats and a great sound system (speakers at least), but somehow Ford skipped the option of ABS!!!

Every time I save enough money to get back into school.. somehow my car finds its way back into my pocket.. The sad thing is I can't even get this clunker away :( This car has screwed over any chance of getting back into school.. THANK YOU FORD!!!

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Review Date: 31st December, 2011

1st Jan 2012, 08:52

"Ford screwed up my chances of going to college!!!"

- So sue them!

1st Jan 2012, 16:31

Before you buy your next used car/truck or SUV, please read your annual Consumers Report auto issue that comes out every year in April... it will give you the cars to buy and the cars to avoid. If you are looking for a vehicle for under 4000.00, it only recommends about 13 vehicles... but not even Consumer Reports can tell you what vehicles have been in accidents or have been abused. Pay the 80.00 and get it checked out by a good mechanic. A bad car can cost you more than just money...