2002 Ford Focus SE Wagon 2.3 from North America


Always take any car that you are thinking about purchasing to a mechanic for an inspection

General Comments:

Test drove a 2002 Ford Focus Wagon with 72,000 miles. The car drove well. I then took the car to a mechanic for a pre-purchase inspection. He noted the following: rear main seal leaking oil - 600.00 to repair, oil pan gasket leaking, front brake job required. He also told me that most of the lower part of the engine compartment and much of the front end suspension area was coated in fan belt dressing, and that he could not do a visual inspection because he simply could not see the parts that needed to be inspected. He surmised that the dealer was trying to hide something. His verdict was to not purchase the vehicle. I handed the keys back to the dealer and walked away.

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Review Date: 4th January, 2009

4th Jan 2009, 19:38

"Always take any car that you are thinking about purchasing to a mechanic for an inspection"

- Smart! Almost all used cars are garbage.

5th Jan 2009, 14:06

"Smart" yes!

"Almost all used cars are garbage." - wrong.

I have bought many used cars and only one of them was garbage. I was not smart enough to have it inspected. I was not smart with the other five either, but all of them did reasonably well.

Be smart!

7th Dec 2010, 18:14

I have been looking for a decent used car (around 3000 dollars) for the past 2 months, and I am glad that I have a mechanic on my side. He is fussy, and I'm optimistic that it will pay off at the end.

I have learned so much about used cars by now, and glad I now have that knowledge.

So thanks for your comments!

2002 Ford Focus 2.3 liter from North America


Good car


Been through quite a few sets of tires.

On its second battery.

A few sets of brake pads in the front.

On its second set of brake pads in the back.

Belt - 470000. The first one was starting to slip.

Tune up - 82000.

Transmission - 96000.

Another belt - 105000.

Thermostat housing - 109000.

Ball joints - 118000.

Tie rod ends - 132000.

Water pump - 137000.

Don't remember the exact mileage, but a couple of the power window switches failed.

General Comments:

This is a good car for what it is. A 4 cylinder front wheel drive. I know Ford had a bad run of making some poor cars a few years prior like the Taurus, and Escort, and Contours. They seemed to have a lot of problems; so I have been told from people who have owned them.

My grandfather bought me this car brand new, and now he's passed on. One of the reasons I'm holding onto it is sentimental value cause of him. Also it gets good gas mileage. I also have a 2005 Dodge 3500 diesel pickup. This is like my economy ride.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2008

2002 Ford Focus ST170 2.0 from UK and Ireland




Faulty alarm system from date of purchase... often when there are high winds.

Water in front passenger foot-well after heavy rainfall.

Both may be linked to air intake fault?... any ideas?

GREAT HANDLING!!! A 45 minute drive to work in this baby is worth getting up for.

A pleasure to drive!! Keep your Porsche, Type-R or Evo.

When you pay under 6k for a Ford ST 170 52 reg, with only 52000 miles on the clock, it makes me laugh when I read comparisons against the above.

General Comments:

The stiffer suspension gives a more sporty ride, but not so good with the speed humps popping up on every road I drive in the south east.

Buy this car!! After all is said and done it's cheap on parts, great fun and spoken about in the same breath as a Porsche!!

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Review Date: 29th October, 2008

31st Oct 2008, 08:55

I'm glad it has worked out for you.

The Ford Focus may be a different car in the UK, but the one is North America is a huge POS.

VW, Nissan, Land Rover, Kia are junk over here as well :(

31st Oct 2008, 15:30

My st 170 52 reg is ready for it's annual full service/mot.

Just got a quote for £560 in London SE, because front brake discs and all pads need replacing...

From the guys "you can't get better than a"

Is that the going rate?...sounds a bit steep to me!

31st Oct 2008, 16:18

It's a fact the ST 170 focus is better than an Aston Martin and an M3...

I parked carefully between both recently, only to return and find my car had been gently caressed down the side with a key.

After inspecting both cars on either side, I came to the conclusion that in their immaculate state my car stands out in the crowd (especially with a go faster stripe down the side).

Anyone know a good way of removing scratches...?

1st Nov 2008, 18:40

Find a garage to spray it on the key mark.

4th Feb 2009, 11:43

Your focus isn't better than an Aston or M3. Whoever scratched your car obviously didn't like it very much. Dunno why, nothing wrong with Focus's. Oh well.

5th Mar 2009, 19:25

I love my ST170, I find it fast enough to get a buzz (now & then) & still gets looks from passers by, even though it's getting on a bit (2003).

The only thing that bugs me is the dash board dials BLINK every 6-10 seconds when the lights are on. Have changed the headlight switch but no joy -- Can anyone help?

4th Apr 2011, 05:51

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10th Jan 2013, 18:29

Well... it's an easy job and the parts cost much less. A set of 2 discs and pads currently goes for £57.99 on eBay.

So... yes, I think they're pulling your trousers down...