1982 Ford Meteor


Noble, hard-wearing little trooper


The only major problem this car has had is rust.

The only other thing I can think of that wasn't normal wear and tear was that the windshield wiper lever snapped off - but I think that was really me being over-emphatic after a long, long drive.

General Comments:

I adore my Meteor. My grandparents gave it to me, it was my first car and as far as I know it has never broken down.

I could easily afford to buy a newer car, but I can't bring myself to. I just re-registered it again - all that needed fixing was brake pads and a broken indicator light - my fault. If it weren't for the rust, I think it would go forever.

It is quicker off the mark than most cars I have been at the lights with and compares very well in handling and speed to my friend's 2001 Honda HRV.

Obviously the upholstery and interior is suffering from the ravages of time, but even that has held up pretty well considering that it is 22 years old - especially considering the last 5 years of hard service.

Anyway, cheers to the guy who kept his own first car, Meteor and turned it into a race car.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2004

1983 Ford Meteor GB 1.5


A performing sleeper


General aging of parts, Eg. Brake lines, windscreen wipers, bushes, general rust - nothing much.

Have been through 5 front engine mounts.

General Comments:

I love this car. It is my project car and ever since I took it for a strap through Brisbane, it has proven to be a very reliable and performing car. I have put it through a lot of hard driving and it pulled through without complaining.

As a stock standard car, it pulled high 18s on the quarter mile. I have fitted 360 Deg. Dual air filters on the twin carb engine, and installed Genie extractors, straight-through muffler with a 2 inch system. Now it pulls low 17s on the quarter.

Note this car looks stock as the exhaust has a black tip and looks stock as well. I have yet to play with the cams, porting, valve seats (To switch to premium petrol), wheels and suspension, and carb jetting.

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Review Date: 18th February, 2004

1986 Ford Meteor GC 1.6L


A car that needs time and patience from the owner


Alternator died - fixed.

Passenger seat belt clip doesn't always work, drivers side is getting worse - getting fixed.

Handle on glove box sits lop-sided - ignoring.

Goes through c. v boots like no ones business - gets fixed each time.

Top clear layer is peeling off body, crow feet everywhere.

Boot lock is very stiff - ignoring.

Excellent no matter what weather.

Brakes sometimes seem squishy and other times are right there - getting fixed.

Pressure switch seal cracked which it then started taking gear box oil through the exhaust, got that fixed though.

Over heats very easily - getting fixed.

General Comments:

Fairly good car, mine just wasn't looked after well before I bought it.

Seats are really comfortable.

Can't say that I would recommend buying one to anyone, my family and I have spent a lot of money and time on it to keep it going.

I've had it up to 130kph, she just wants to keep going, but she gets the death wobbles, which made me slow down.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2004

1982 Ford Meteor Ghia 1.5L


A good value paddock basher


Leaking fuel tank.

Rusting body.

Broken radiator.

Broken alternator.

Plastic-work falling off.

Loose wiring.

General Comments:

I bought my meteor sedan for only $100, but what you pay is what you get-

I use it as a paddock basher, I have had it for 2 months, and it doesn't even start anymore. It stalls on steep inclines and you can't drive it for five minutes without it overheating and pouring smoke from the engine, it definitely isn't roadworthy.

But it sounds surprisingly good, is easy to control, weighs only 880kg, can clock over 120 kilometers per hour, is reasonably quick off the mark, and has comfortable seats.

However, my Meteor has had a front collision, which may have caused the radiator problems.

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Review Date: 28th November, 2003

29th Dec 2009, 17:10

I have had my Meteor for over 2 years now. It lasts a couple of weeks on a tank of fuel. I love the car.

I had a radiator problem, but replaced it and it works fine. I know that it had a hit to the front, so that might be the source of the problem.

The seats are comfortable and it tops about 110 km/h! I love it, and will always!