2002 Ford Mondeo Zetec 2.0 Duratec


Reliable, reassuring, a trusted friend



Clutch needed replacing at 180,000 km, only after I towed an overloaded trailer up a steep driveway. Was still the original clutch, although the design with a dual flywheel meant it cost NZD 3,500 at a Ford dealer to replace.

Air conditioning:

The air conditioning on some days seems to go back and forth from cold to hot, and takes a very long time to cool the car down on hot days.

Water ingress:

Torrential rain on two occasions have overloaded the drainage points (subsequently discovered they were blocked with leaves). That causes flooding in foot wells from water entering through the air vents.

Air vent:

The open/close control for one of the dash mounted air vents over travelled and has become stuck open. $150 quote to replace/repair it - I can live with it stuck open.

General Comments:

Very reliable, with only annual servicing required.

Handling is precise, firm and reassuring, especially on narrow winding coastal roads.

Cabin and upholstery still feels modern despite being ten years old, and the seats have survived all the kids can throw at them in this time.

As with all cars, I wish things such as autumn leaves settling around the air vents and under the bonnet below the window wipers would be factored into the design, to minimise the chance of them clogging drainage holes.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2012

17th Mar 2016, 10:18

Thank you. My Ford Fairmont didn't like the trailer pulling either. Cost over 2 thousand to "Not repair it". Diagnostics can't find the problem, and after trying everything it still shunts after driving for a while, and the petrol gauge reads from half way and flies to the full mark after driving for 15 minutes. It's been horrible and put me right off Fords. However a Mondeo is available and is nice and tidy. But your review has given me the confidence to not write off Fords just yet! Thanking you.

20th Mar 2016, 02:39

I feel certain that you are driving this car too fast for the fuel gauge to settle at the right level on a regular enough occurrence to enable it to provide you with a true reading. Correct?

2002 Ford Mondeo 2.0


Door locks failed repeatedly. Stupidly expensive.

Previous poor repair to fuel tank pick up by dealer: hacked floor.

Suspension now "wobbly"; unsure of cause. Previously fine handling vehicle. Shocks? Suspension bushings?

Air conditioning compressor failure repair. Also stupidly expensive = to 1/4 value of car!

General Comments:

Generally a very good car (and I have driven many). Minor niggles so far re parts and repair costs.

Biggest driving grizzle is rear vision in reversing and lane changing. All the safety requirements seems to compromise rear vision. Takes some getting used to.

These are very nice to drive cars, far better than one might think. However, the front suspension control on loose surfaces is complete rubbish (really useless on gravel). I have no idea how the 3.0 cars work at all.

Could do with some more power.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2010

18th Nov 2015, 03:31

Update to my previous review.

Rear shocks replaced, partly fixed rear end.

Unable to lock car due to alarm always going off (yes, all sensors etc checked).

Fuel pump failed in supermarket. Stupidly expensive so used a 2nd hand one.

New coil pack and leads to fix misfire $$$.

Removed silly butterflies in the intake. However they weren't worn or broken like the horror stories on the net...

Finally, the clutch and dual mass flywheel failed.

Is it worth fixing? Very likely not, but can't find another wagon about that size that is a manual and isn't a Subaru.