1990 Ford Telstar TX5 1.8


Lousy, but lovable


Day after I bought it (from a mechanic), the heater died and soaked my front seat area in antifreeze; an absolute nightmare to fix.

Shuddered if you went over 100km/hr.

General Comments:

After the initial nightmares with this car, it was quite enjoyable to have after I amped the sound system and all.

Seats were comfortable; almost like bucket seats.

Steered very well; not too heavy and not too light for power steering.

Had very good pickup, and having overdrive made it really roar when you needed it.

Big spacious boot; I even put the seats down in the back and slept in it once; it was rather comfy.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2007

1990 Ford Telstar TX5 Ghia 2.2 litre 4 cylinder


Very luxurious, powerful and neat in a medium sized package


Nothing, this car has been nothing but great!

General Comments:

This car has nearly every option you could think of. Central locking, ABS brakes, air conditioning, cruise control, rear wiper/washer/de-mister (hatchback), power steering and more.

This car is also known as the Mazda 626 hatchback, it was just sold as a Ford over here. It has quite a lot of power, and handles really well, very comfortable, great for long trips, comfortable cabin. I think this car could last for a long time and I'm intending on keeping it for as long as possible, very luxurious.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2001

13th Jan 2002, 19:08

We have a 90 TX5 and it's crap.

I don't know how but we blew the gasket at 164k's.

It's noisy in the cabin.

The only good thing about the cars is the handling.

If this car had the Toyota Camry's drivetrain I'd keep the car.

29th Jan 2002, 22:59

I'm not sure why, I have a TX5 Ghia also and it's great, smooth, quiet and handles well.