21st May 2002, 03:15

The best ever.

Not even the new hatchback 2.5l Mondeo is a match to the interior or exterior looks of the TX5.

I enjoy it every time I get into the car, and I don't think I will ever sell it.

6th Sep 2002, 01:22

Excellent car!

Very quiet and smooth. A lot of power in the V6 for what it is (a family hatch). Interior is very nice and power everything..

I love this car.

26th Nov 2002, 13:38

Mine's a 1993 TX5, good car, but has developed a problem no one seems to be able to fix. It cuts out completely at higher speeds, above 90 KPH, and won't start for about 5 minutes. Any ideas?

Chris W


4th Dec 2002, 06:28

I have a 89 TX5 Telstar.

I have had a couple of things go wrong lately, but due to the fact that it has 270 000 km on the clock I can't complain... very powerful... I've had it off the clock... very comfortable and I love the looks!

It's a great car... and I'm not getting rid of mine.

10th Dec 2002, 18:23

I am a fan of the '88 - '92 Telstar. Has anyone matched the Turbo engine to a 4x4 drive train? Now that would be a great match... In New Zealand we didn't get the Turbo (2.2 litre I believe), but have heaps of Japanese imported 4x4 models.

Mind you, at 109kw from the non turbo 2.0 DOHC, the old Telstar still out does some new 2 litres!

22nd Feb 2003, 23:09

Ford Telstar 93 TX5 Ghia.

Mine is a 2.0 liter, and is pretty powerful, Although the 85 kw engine doesn't give as much power as you would won't it to.

It's a great car and has everything cruise, p.windows, central locking and much much more. I've never had any problems with it and I'm going to keep it for a while.

29th Apr 2003, 04:03

Hi there can someone please tell me how much power the 1990 Telstar TX5 Ghia has? not the turbo one.



4th Aug 2003, 02:53

I recently brought a Ford Tx5 turbo 88 model. I dropped 2 Garret GT25 ball bearing turbos in it, blitz BOV, HKS pod filter, new ECU, racing gearbox and clutch, High performance injectors and pistons and had the engine blue printed. Now I blow Nissan GTR's, Supras and most other Jap cars silly.


11th Dec 2003, 23:10

Hey like the last guy, I've got a telstar TX5 Ghia 88' and ever since I since I bought it it's been nothing but trouble. At 166K the Gaskets blown, starter motor needs replacing, and a few other things so it's now going to cost me almost as much as I paid for it to fix!!!

My advice buy a commodore.

9th May 2005, 10:41

I bought an '88 Telstar Ghia a year ago. Very good condition cosmetically, but the engine/transmission has some very weird quirks. The auto gearbox changes gears erratically in the switch from 2nd to 3rd, and the 'hold' light on the dash flashes occasionally, sticking the car in 2nd gear. Heats up quite a lot, and has absolutely NO taking off power. Nice handling car, but the gearbox problems are a nightmare.

5th Jul 2005, 16:01

Hi. I've had an '88 Telstar Ghia before (currently trying to get another one). All I'd like to say is that with these older cars, you NEED to keep up with the servicing! I learnt this with a '91 Magna, as the gearbox suddenly died two weeks ago (12 June 2005), with NO warning that it was faulty. I've heard that this can also be the case with the Telstar. I'd advise putting fully synthetic oil in and using premium unleaded, with a 7,500km service interval. I imagine you could easily get 250k+ out of the engine.

I sold my first Telstar about 6 months ago to buy Mum's 1991 Mitsubishi Magna. No comparison there, the Telstar wins hands down. Better handling, more reliable, better fuel economy, more features, better stereo, and better street cred. The best thing about the Magna was the ride quality and supportive seats. Any comments or questions, please email me at natkaz_99@yahoo.com.

16th Oct 2005, 21:14

I have a 1990 Telstar TX5, have had it for 5 years now and will never ever sell it, it's the best car in the world. The only major problem I've had with it was the ignition which went funny last year, the key wouldn't turn at all, but that was fairly cheap to fix and haven't had any other problems, pretty good considering it has 270,000k's on it now. It loves highway driving too, and its favourite cruising speed seems to be around 120; pretty speedy for an older car, but kind of hazardous around speed cameras. Been using 98 octane petrol lately and now we can drag off all the boy racers at traffic lights - great fun :)

5th Feb 2007, 18:56

I have had three Telstars, all TX5 Ghias and never had any serious problems. My last one is a DOHC Ghia TX5 with about 200K on the clock.

Apart from the usual replacement parts and one leaky rocker cover (which seems to be a generic problem) I have had no problems.

Still the quickest 2 ltr on the road and very economical around town. If I had one critism it is that the top gear is a bit short in the DOHC version.

You get a lot of extra power and more go, but it can be a bit noisy and thirsty on the open road.

It is the best car I have ever had and although, I have tried to replace it a few times still have not found anything I like better. (My second car is an Audi A4 which is also a good car, but spends much of its time in the garage as it is nowhere as much fun to drive as the Telstar)

27th Mar 2007, 22:30

I bought a 1993 Ford Telstar TX5 a few days ago and had it fully serviced, no problems noted and I was pleased as punch! Drove it from Dunedin to Christchurch today and only got 50k on the highway when the engine cut out and the "hold" indicator came on the flashboard. Towed back to Dunedin where the transmission mechanic could find no fault! What advice can you give to find out where the problem lies and show it to the experts. I like the car, but this has made me wary of its reliability.

4th Apr 2007, 07:34

Hi, I have a 93' Tx5 V6 Model, and it is a dream to drive, I have a problem with getting a replacement windscreen & headlamps, as it is slightly bigger than the standard sizes, any suggestions?

18th Jun 2007, 23:32

I own a 1990 Telstar TX5 GT and it's a 2.0L Dohc 5 speed manual. AND IT CAN GO! I put a 6 inch big bore on it and sacked it out on 18's and it's still just the stock engine with just the help of a pod filter. Oh and I might have said this already, but... IT CAN FLY LIKE THE WIND!!!

P.s. it's done 221,135km on the clock, and you certainly can't complain with that.

But... it's not a real Ford is it? It's just wearing the blue badge that owns all... (FORD). A pity it's not a genuine Ford though. Ah well.

15th Nov 2007, 05:49

1993 2.5 V6, 220 k + (Clock was wound back by a Christchurch car yard in 1997), brilliant to drive, but 4WS takes a bit of getting used to. Goes like the wind, but a bit thirsty around town. Had for a year with no problems at all.