14th May 2008, 03:47

I'm viewing a Ford Telstar 2.0 V6 year 1995. What do think of the car's condition and major problems that could be faced?

23rd May 2008, 20:09

I own a 1990 Telstar TX5 GHIA. Recently when I began using the heater for the colder weather I noticed a leak onto the floor on the passenger side of the car. Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same problem and approximate cost of fixing it. An employee of Ultratune advised me that it could either be the heater tap or the core. If the core has gone it could cost up to $800 to fix.

1st Jun 2008, 08:59

FORD TX5 year 1992 2.0cc V6. Have any one know if there is an auto version for this model? I saw one with auto trans?

10th Aug 2009, 17:53

I bought a Ford Telstar 2.0L GL, 5spd manual station wagon, with 202000km on the clock for $1700 cash. (1991 model, manufactured in 1995 - 12 years old when I bought it.)

It's AWESOME!!! The car has never let me down. The only repair was the master brake cylinder (~$150 at the local mechanic) otherwise is really good. Driven from Dunedin to Wellington so many times, it's great on the open road.

Can haul 1000-1500kg of whatever on a trailer with my strengthened towbar that came with the car. Takes huge loads in the boot (chest freezer, fridge, double bed, four full wool sacks, anything! not all at same time) and is therefore also a great camper, can stretch right out with the back seat flat.

Performance is good, can beat any other contemporary 2.0l, have even smoked an R31 Skyline. Pretty funny seeing the guys face as a Telstar wagon leaves him in the dust.

It does use petrol quickly, about 10L/100km around town, and about 7L/100km on the open road.

27th Oct 2009, 00:25

Just bought a 1990 Telstar TX5 for $600 off a mate and it is probably the best cheap car I've ever owned. Comfy interior, all the things still work inside, and has done over 320,000 k's... Also had slight ignition locking (key wouldn't turn easily) but better with WD40.. smooth to drive and quiet.. I was thinking if it lasted a year then that's fine, but I reckon it might even go a few more years..

14th Nov 2009, 03:31

Hi. I've got a 90 Telstar turbo. Just wondering how different are they to the non turbos?

21st Jul 2010, 20:05

I bought a Telstar Ghia 'AT Model' 13 years ago from a car yard, which was owned by 2 others previously. It was a quick purchase as I desperately needed to replace my Gemini. Wasn't keen on the car at first, but it has done me a treat.

The car had 125,000 kms on it when I purchased it, and now I've done 426,000 kms. She is great, I don't even take it it a mechanic, and let me tell you I am not mechanically minded. All I do is change the oil every 10,000 kms and she purrs.

Does anyone know how many KMs an engine like this can do? Love to hear from you.

I will never get rid of it, even if I do get another car.

By the way, she is still economical doing 450-530 kms on one tank, and still takes off like a dream.

12th Aug 2010, 00:38

Not sure how far most Telstars/626s run (seems to be around 250,000), but I heard of a guy who managed to pull off 450,000+ kms with the original engine. He replaced the head gasket once or twice and eventually converted to LPG.

26th Apr 2014, 11:54

I have owned a 2.2 litre automatic NON turbo TX5 Telstar hatchback, and have owned it for 12 years now - I drive it pretty aggressively around town... but only to 60 kph of course ;-) LOL.

I only get the oil, the oil cleaner and coolant changed every year, and spark plugs when one of them goes (i.e. last time a set of NGK $4 ones lasted 13 000 km). I take it to mechanic once a year and overall it's cost about $400 max per year to keep everything going. It still gets me 39 MPG still if I drive it at a steady 90 to 100 kph country driving (with Rola roof rack and air conditioning on... the air conditioning still works 100% AOK ).

The only thing that's never been any good is the electric window on the driver's side, plus it is leaking a bit of oil now, and the auto trans bolts need to be checked every 6 to 12 months as they come loose, and the alternator needs to be adjusted/tightened every 6 to 12 months as the belt starts to squeal otherwise (supposedly my mechanic says there's a problem with them).

It idles at about 700RPM, starts first time every time, and is "whisper quiet".

I will never sell it, and I'm thinking of buying another and getting it totally reconditioned with all mod cons in like sat nav, parking sensors, cameras etc.

I have always left the auto switch in performance mode. It's even got a drawer under the passenger's seat... how many cars have that?

It's never let me down and I absolutely love it.

Also hatchbacks are better than sedans, as I've fitted heaps of stuff in it, and the 1990 is rated to tow one tonne. I simply love it and will never sell it.

I can afford to buy ten new cars if I wanted to... but I would rather buy another TX5 and update it with all the extra mod cons.

One of the most under rated cars around in my personal opinion. It's not the best at any one thing, but it is a brilliant "all rounder".

27th Apr 2014, 18:58

Hi there, I have just bought a 1990 Telstar S/W and it has just had the same problem; leaking anti-freeze into the passenger side floor. Can you tell me how to fix it please?

29th Apr 2014, 14:44

Coolant in the passenger compartment is likely to be the heater matrix - either the "radiator" inside has a leak, or perhaps any hoses or pipes that lead to it from the bulkhead.